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What is GiddyUp?

GiddyUp is software that allows customers to manage all aspects of their business. It is used by thousands of users in the United States - including roofers, distributors, manufacturers & supplementing companies!

GiddyUp is a software product of CutterCroix, LLC
Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio

How does GiddyUp benefit
our roofing customers?

Seasonal Contractor Friendly Pricing
Unlike our competitors, our customers pay only for jobs they win (not by user or by location).
This allows them to move software costs from overhead to a job cost

Proven & Time-Tested Solution
Big or small, GiddyUp has helped them all (for over 10 years)
GiddyUp has been used by industry leaders like Aspen Contracting for years

Helps Customers Sell More Jobs & Grow into More Markets
We help our customers look professional, standardize processes & run a better business.
This has proven to help them scale up and grow into additional markets

One Solution Works for All Types of Work
Insurance or Retail - Residential or Commercial - Reroof or New Construction
GiddyUp is not just for roofing - it's also great for your other businesses like remodeling, landscaping and many others

Optimized Insurance Workflow
Canvassing - Inspection - Ordering - Production
Used by industry leaders for years to manage millions of dollars of insurance work

Simplify Material Ordering with SRS
Submit electronic orders - check delivery status - automatically attach to jobs.
All the power of Roof Hub directly in GiddyUp

Outstanding Customer Support
GiddyUp support is US-based and second to none - period

Why Is Working On Team GiddyUp
Such A Great Opportunity?

A Great Team
We surround ourselves with talented people, and people you want to be around.
Being "Good People" is just as important as being an "A-Player" on Team GiddyUp.

Industry Changing Products
We create great products in a unique way - and our customers love it! We believe in:
"Fitting our software to the company, not fitting the company into our software."
"Creating software so simple it's used."

Great Culture
We are a small team of people driven to "Get 'er done!"
We measure in days and weeks, not months or years.
We work hard, play hard and move FAST!
We love being a disruptive force!
If you're looking to hide in a corporate cube farm... we're NOT FOR YOU!

Growth Opportunities
We continue to expand our team - this means new opportunities.
As new roles arise we always look within first.

Competitive Benefits
We offer a competitive benefit package including:
- Medical Coverage  - Dental  - 10 Holidays Per Year
- Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)   
- Company Contributed Health Spending Account (HSA)
- Simple IRA (just like a 401K) with Company Matching 

What Positions are Open??